Located by the Tonle Bassac River, Diamond Island City covers more than 100 hectares in the very soul and strategic location of Phnom Penh, embodying invaluable fame and pride of Cambodia. In 2006, the Khmer-Canadian OCIC (Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation) signed an agreement with the government of Phnom Penh to develop and manage the island which was previously known “Koh Klong”,  a less audible place where no one person dreams of going there. However, to the date, the city become the “diamond of Phnom Penh” very much dominated by hundred-million-dollar cost construction projects.

Koh Pich is stabbed deeply in the top of mind of our people, especially those who are living in the capital city. The peninsula represents economic prosperity, pride and excitement. How the location is manufactured by the dazzling architectural concept of OCIC articulates the lucrative area where love begins, friendship develops, social patriot embarks, happiness begins, knowledge sharing exchanges and investment occurs to creates prestigious lifelike economic vein of the city center. 

Sitting at the most panoramic views of the city, Diamond Island City is a remarkable host region to active tourism spot, high-end residential area, entertainment, exhibition centers, retail district, wedding hall, sporting activity, multi-purpose commercial building and other prominent services. The future of this satellite city will more civilized, forwarding and increasingly popular to become the economic and tourism hub in ASEAN region.

Elite Golf Club

Swimming Pool: Great relaxing swimming pool at a nice garden. Children and adults separate pools. Steam and Sauna room.

Gym: New and well equipped professional gym to run in front of the river or looking at the city center. Step, bicycle, running belt.

Resto Bar: After golfing you can enjoy with our drinks, Korean noodle, Spaghetti and good coffee.

Individual Massage Sofa: Enjoy the relaxing individual massage after training at driving range or work out at gym, without any person to disturb your well deserved break.

Baby Playground: Let your kids play with other children or with their supervisor and you can enjoy playing golf, having lunch or swimming at our pool.

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Exhibition Wedding
Birthday Convention
Party Seminar



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